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טליתות לנשים

Available Tallits



Our Process

ColorVibe Designs presents one-of-a-kind hand-marbled silk scarves or tallits created by textile artist Sharon Gellerman in a fresh and modern interpretation of the classical art of marbling on fabric. The intricate designs and skillful use of color makes each scarf or tallit a unique and wearable piece of art.

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As each tallit is hand-crafted in the marbling process, the colors of each tallit can be customized upon request.
Each tallit is crafted by hand from 100% Chinese Habotai silk for the softest and smoothest feel.
These beautiful tallits are hand-marbled into a one-of-a-kind design with a blend and range of dyes that results in vivid and rich colors


The top of the tallit is distinguished by the traditional prayer and subtle pattern of Swarovski crystals individually applied on the silk.


Each tallit is delicately folded and kept in a keepsake silk bag to protect your heirloom. The silk bag can also include a Hebrew name on the front.
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Sharon Gellerman

Tallits for Women, a subsidiary of ColorVibe Designs, traces its origins back to 2003 when I first delved into the mesmerizing art of silk marbling. Initially captivated by the beauty of scarves, my journey has since evolved, fueled by a deeper connection to my Jewish heritage.

Drawing inspiration from my roots, I've transitioned my skills into crafting Tallits for women—a symbol of tradition, faith, and empowerment. This evolution has become the driving force behind my craft, as I aim to share my art with a global community.


From my home studio nestled along California's central coast, each Tallit is meticulously crafted, infused with vibrant hues and intricate patterns—a reflection of my creative journey and dedication to both tradition and innovation.

As an entrepreneur and fabric artist, my mission remains rooted in spreading joy, beauty, and connection through the timeless artistry of silk marbling—bridging cultures, communities, and hearts around the world.

To Life, Love, Light, Health and Peace!

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